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While the shih tzu is known for its long and silky coat, the shih tzu with short hair looks just as adorable, and we are increasingly encountering shih tzus with short hair. The short coat comes with the main advantage of easing the daily grooming and care tasks. Additionally, there are various haircuts available for the shih tzu. If you prefer to keep their mane short for easier care and maintenance, you will find all the information you need to know right here to keep your shih tzu with short hair looking its best.

Mi shih tzu con pelo corto

The haircut for a shih tzu is an essential aspect of maintaining the dog’s appearance and health. This type of cut requires special care to preserve the texture and the natural shape of this breed’s hair. It is recommended that this task be carried out by a professional with experience in shih tzu grooming.

The proper cut for a shih tzu includes a short layer on the dog’s body, with a length that allows the animal to move comfortably and prevents the accumulation of dirt and tangles in the hair. Furthermore, it’s important that the dog’s head has a slightly longer layer to give it a more cheerful and expressive appearance.

As for the face contour, a smooth finish is necessary to avoid any injuries or discomfort to the dog. Ensuring that the haircut doesn’t affect the dog’s vision or its ability to move is crucial. The professional responsible for the haircut should take these details into account to ensure an appropriate and healthy cut for the shih tzu.

In summary, cutting a shih tzu’s hair requires special care and the intervention of an experienced professional in grooming this breed. The proper cut includes a short layer on the body and a slightly longer layer on the head, with a smooth finish on the face contour to ensure the dog’s health and comfort. Learn about different haircuts for the shih tzu in this article.


Cuidados del pelo corto del shih tzu

Baño y cepillado

Even though a shih tzu with short hair requires less care than one with long hair, it’s important to bathe them regularly and brush them to prevent tangles and keep their skin and hair healthy. You can space out the brushing sessions a bit more, and you’ll notice that it tangles much less compared to long hair. Nonetheless, it’s crucial not to neglect it and continue brushing at least once a week to maintain the short hair of the shih tzu with the shine and luster it deserves.

Peinado del shih tzu

As mentioned earlier, a shih tzu with short hair still needs grooming to maintain its appearance and prevent tangles. Use a soft brush and comb it after bathing and drying. There are no different hairstyles for shih tzus; the grooming is done while respecting the dog’s haircut. Therefore, there are as many shih tzu hairstyles as there are haircuts. Some owners love to put a topknot on their female shih tzus. This bow or topknot keeps the hair away from their face when they have a long fringe, and it can be worn by both male and female shih tzus. The key is the well-being and comfort of the dog.


¿Con qué cepillo o peine se ha de peinar al shih tzu?

To groom a shih tzu, the following brushes are recommended:

  1. Metal bristle brush: for detangling the hair and removing knots.
  2. Rubber bristle brush: for smoothing and detangling the hair without causing damage.
  3. Fine-toothed comb: for finishing the grooming and ensuring the hair is smooth and knot-free.
  4. Metal comb: for controlling hair strands and shaping them.

Each brush or comb serves a purpose; narrow metal bristles provide a thorough detangling, while soft bristles are more suitable for surface detangling and texturizing the hair, leaving it silky. All brushes and combs serve the purpose of cleaning impurities. Fine-toothed combs are used for techniques like deshedding.

The “deshedding” technique is a process for caring for the shih tzu’s coat, or any other breed with abundant hair, focusing on reducing the amount of loose hair that accumulates in its coat and, therefore, in your home. This technique is particularly important during shedding seasons when dogs tend to shed more than usual. Remember that shih tzus are hypoallergenic and barely shed. However, it’s advisable to remove the dead hair to prevent mats or tangles.

To carry out the deshedding technique on a shih tzu, special tools like brushes or rakes designed to penetrate the coat and remove dead and loose hair are used.

Here are some of the best brushes and combs for the shih tzu:

In reality, it’s beneficial to alternate the use of different brushes and combs based on the needs of the shih tzu’s coat at any given time.


Thoroughly dry your dog’s hair after bathing to prevent tangles from forming and keep its hair soft and silky. Drying is crucial to prevent the unpleasant odor of damp dog hair.

Skin Care

It’s important to keep your shih tzu’s skin healthy to prevent skin problems like seborrheic dermatitis. Use gentle products and make sure your dog isn’t allergic to any products you use.


In conclusion, caring for a shih tzu with short hair requires regular and proper care to keep its hair and skin healthy. Seek out a trustworthy professional for the haircut or learn to cut your shih tzu’s hair yourself and follow the advice on bathing, brushing, grooming, and drying to maintain its beautiful and silky coat. For more interesting facts about the breed, visit our articles.