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The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the smallest dog breeds around. They weigh 4.4-6.6 lbs and measure 5.9-11.8 inches. According to the official breed standard, there is only one variety of Yorkshire Terrier. In this article, we’ll delve into their characteristics to clear up any doubts and to understand the different sizes of Yorkshire Terriers.


When we talk about sizes of the Yorkshire we have clear that the Yorkshire is the toy dog par excellence. As mentioned, Yorkshire Terriers typically weigh between 4.4-6.6 lbs in their adult stage. The official breed standard specifies that they should never weigh more than 7.1 lbs. This means that we’re dealing with a very small-sized dog, often referred to as a Yorkshire Toy, Miniature Yorkshire, or simply a Mini Yorkshire Terrier.

The official Kennel Club and FCI breed standard does not specify specific height dimensions, but the height at the withers of the Yorkie usually ranges between 5.9-11.8 inches in adulthood.


It’s important to clarify that there are no different types or sizes of Yorkshire Terriers, only a limited weight range from 2.2 lbs up to a maximum of 7.1 lbs. The FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) doesn’t recognize different sizes of Yorkshire Terriers, unlike breeds such as the Schnauzer or the Poodle.

But it is a reality that, although different sizes or types of Yorkies are not officially recognized, we can find various sizes and types of Yorkshire Terriers. We often hear about a medium-sized Yorkshire Terrier or a large Yorkshire Terrier, some with longer legs and greater height. All of this is due to selective breeding and the preferences of breeders. Faced with specimens larger than the 7.1 lbs set by the breed standard, it is likely that we are dealing with a crossbreed with other larger-sized breeds. So, you should ask yourself whether it is a pure Yorkshire Terrier or perhaps a crossbreed of a Yorkshire Toy with other breeds. To distinguish a pure Yorkshire from a mixed one, read this article. In general, the Yorkshire Terrier is a very small dog breed with long and silky fur.

We can find Yorkshire Terriers in many colors and heights. Different breeders may breed Yorkshire Terriers that do not strictly adhere to these standards, and therefore, they may vary in size, coat, or color.

It is important to choose a trusted breeder if you are interested in obtaining a purebred Yorkshire Terrier to ensure that the dog meets the breed standards and is healthy. There is no issue with mixed-breed Yorkshires as long as they are in good health. Each dog is special in its own right, with its temperament and physical characteristics, and they all deserve to receive love and care, whether they are purebred or not.

When does a Yorkshire Terrier stop growing?

The Yorkshire Terrier reaches its adult size at an early age compared to larger breeds. Typically, a Yorkshire Terrier reaches its adult size between 8 and 12 months of age.

The growth in terms of height and weight of a Yorkshire Terrier occurs during the first months of life, and after that period, their growth slows down significantly. However, it is important to remember that each dog is unique, and there may be individual variations in the time they reach their full adult size. Additionally, the process of maturation and character development continues throughout their life, and proper care and training are essential to ensure that your Yorkie is a healthy and happy dog.

Yorkshire TOY

When talking about toy or miniature dogs, it is important to distinguish between breeds in which their official weight is very low, as is the case with the Yorkshire, or; on the other hand, specimens of a breed that, due to dwarfism or malnutrition, are smaller than normal, known as ‘tea cup’ dogs. These types of specimens arise from breeding between dogs with nutritional problems or premature birth and, therefore, with poor health. Their small size and the appearance of eternal puppyhood attract the attention of many people who want to have one, often ignoring the health problems of these puppies. Responsible breeders always seek to improve the breed and eliminate any weaknesses, so they are against these practices driven by commercial trends.

The Yorkie is a toy dog due to its very reduced size, just like the Chihuahua, among other breeds that have very reduced proportions in their official standard. It is important to note that breeding especially small dogs can have risks to the health of the animals, as extreme miniaturization can lead to extreme fragility. Additionally, these dogs may be more susceptible to certain health problems due to their size.

If you are interested in getting a Yorkshire Terrier, it is advisable to look for a reputable breeder who cares about the health and well-being of the dogs and follows responsible breeding guidelines. Instead of focusing on the extremely small size of the Yorkshire, it is essential to focus on breeding and caring for healthy and happy dogs.

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