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To know how big your schnauzer will be when it grows up is important for planning the space it will occupy, its bed, exercise needs, and more. In breeds with different sizes, many wonder how to tell if a puppy will truly be miniature or, on the contrary, will grow into a standard or giant specimen.

In order to calculate the future size of the schnauzer you must make 4 observations that we explain below.


  • 1st step: know the size of the parents, if both are the same size, the puppy will obviously be the same size; if one is, for example, medium and the other miniature, the puppy will have an intermediate size between the two parents.
  • 2nd step: observe the size of the puppy’s ears and legs, if it is going to be large, usually, from puppyhood, it will have somewhat longer ears and legs.
  • Step 3: Another way to calculate how big the schnauzer will be is to analyze its weight as a puppy. At 4 months, take the puppy’s weight and height and multiply it by 2. The result will be the approximate adult weight.
  • 4th step: knowing up to what age the schnauzer grows can also help us to know the size of the schnauzer, especially at the time of adoption. The miniature schnauzer grows up to 9 months, the medium schnauzer up to 12 months and the giant schnauzer up to 15 months. Think that the significant growth happens until 6 or 7 months, after that the growth rate is slower.

By observing these guidelines you can calculate the size that your schnauzer will have in the future in an approximate way. To get the exact weight right is improbable and at the same time unimportant, the important thing is that you can be clear about the type of schnauzer you are acquiring. So that you can compare the weights we leave you, below, the table of official weights and heights for the 3 types of schnauzer.


There are 3 types of schnauzer recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, they are the mini schnauzer, medium or standard schnauzer and giant schnauzer. The 3 types of schnauzer have the same physical characteristics in terms of coat type, ears, eyebrows, and also in their lively, active, protective and intelligent temperament. Even so, there are small differences, read on to learn more about them.

Miniature Schnauzer

The miniature schnauzer, also known as mini schnauzer or toy schnauzer, is the smallest of the schnauzers. Physically it does not differ from the medium or large schnauzer other than being smaller.

The dimensions of the mini schnauzer are 6-9 inches in height at withers and weight 9-18 lbs.

The miniature variety is more suitable for apartment or apartment living, although it will also enjoy outdoor space. The mini schnauzer is a very active and lively dog even though it is small in size.

Standard or medium Schnauzer

The dimensions of the medium or standard schnauzer are 18-20 inches in height at withers. Weight 30-44 lbs.

The medium or standard schnauzer is a protective, loyal and vigilant dog. Capable of herding and guarding tasks.

Physically it is the standard model, the medium, neither large nor mini, the original of the Schnauzer breed. All three have the same characteristics except for the size.

Giant Schnauzer

The dimensions of the giant or large schnauzer are 24-28 inches in height at withers. Weight 77-104 lbs.

This type is also active, vigilant and protective, it can also be territorial and with working and service qualities.

With all these guidelines you can already know the size your schnauzer puppy will have, and what types of schnauzer exist. The schnauzer breed is a fascinating breed, do not miss the complete profile to know in depth all the characteristics, important aspects of its character, its advantages and disadvantages and even how the breed originated. We hope you found our article helpful.