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The Shih Tzu is a highly popular dog breed known for its beautiful and abundant coat. While their luxurious fur is undoubtedly one of their most attractive features, it also demands constant care to keep it in perfect condition. If you’re looking to have your Shih Tzu sport a healthy and low-maintenance coat, the solution is to opt for a short haircut. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about various Shih Tzu haircuts, from practical trims that keep their fur short and manageable to more elaborate styles. Whether you’re an experienced Shih Tzu owner or considering becoming one, this article will provide you with useful information about the best haircuts for your Shih Tzu.

Types of Shih Tzu Haircuts:

There are several styles of haircuts for adult Shih Tzu dogs, and the choice often comes down to the owner’s personal preference. There are no differences between haircuts for female or male Shih Tzus; these haircuts are unisex. Below, we explain the four main Shih Tzu haircuts:

Teddy Bear Cut or Puppy Cut

The Teddy Bear cut is a popular choice for keeping your Shih Tzu with short hair. It’s ideal for owners who prefer a simple, short style. The hair is cut to a uniform length all over the body, avoiding tufts or curls, resulting in a soft and teddy bear-like appearance. This cut is easy to care for and maintain and is suitable for dogs with skin issues or mobility difficulties due to age or health conditions.

Snowball Cut

This haircut creates a more intricate look compared to the Teddy Bear cut, with soft tufts and curls on the head and chest. The body hair is kept short and even, while the upper body is left longer to create tufts and curls. It’s a more extravagant option for giving your Shih Tzu a short and fashionable look.

Puerto Rican Cut 

Another option for Shih Tzu haircuts involves keeping the hair longer on the head, forming a crest, while the rest of the body is trimmed to a uniformly short length. The bottom body hair is clipped to an even short length, while the upper body is kept longer to create the crest.

Lamb Cut

The Lamb cut is a more elaborate version of the Snowball cut, with a long tuft and soft curls on the front legs. The body hair is cut to a short and even length, while the upper body is left longer to create the tuft and curls. It’s undoubtedly another choice to make your Shih Tzu look fantastic with short hair.

Lion Cut

As the name suggests, the Lion cut creates a look similar to that of a lion and is very flattering for Shih Tzus with short hair. It involves keeping the lower body hair short and leaving the hair on the head longer to form a crest resembling a lion’s. The hair on the lower body is cut to a short, even length, while the upper body is kept longer to create a lion-like crest.


The different Shih Tzu haircuts can vary according to the owner’s preference and the specific needs of their fur. From the traditional Lion cut to short-layered cuts, each style has its advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of the haircut you choose, it’s important to properly care for their mane. If you’re interested in learning how to trim your pet’s hair at home, we recommend visiting our article on this topic for helpful and practical tips.