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We often wonder if dogs dream in the same way humans do, or we’re curious about what goes on in a dog’s dreams. The answer is, yes, dogs dream. The evidence for this lies in their sleep patterns, which have a very similar brain wave pattern to humans. Additionally, they experience the same phases of electrical activity as we do.

What do dogs dream about? The type of dreams that dogs have usually revolves around the activities and experiences of their daily lives. They may dream about their owners, the walks they’ve taken, or any experiences they’ve had.

How can you tell if your dog is dreaming? To determine if your dog is dreaming, simply observe them while they sleep. After about 20 minutes of falling asleep, you’ll notice a change in their breathing pattern; it becomes deeper and more regular. At this point, your dog is having their first dream. If you watch their eyes, it will seem like they’re moving behind their eyelids. This occurs because your dog is watching the images in their dreams. This phenomenon happens during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase. Both humans and dogs dream during the REM phase, and they’re likely to remember what they were dreaming about if they wake up during this phase.


Dogs may also experience muscle twitches while they sleep, such as sudden movements of their legs or extremities. They can cry, growl, and even bark while they dream.

According to studies on dog sleep, smaller dogs tend to have more dreams than larger dogs, and larger dogs have longer dreams.

The sleep phases of dogs are very similar to ours. So don’t worry if your dog whimpers or barks while they’re asleep; it means they’re dreaming and reacting to what’s happening in their dream. If you want to learn more about the abilities and curiosities of our beloved furry companions, feel free to explore our articles. You will find answers to questions such as: what are dog whiskers for? or do dogs reduce stress?