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The poodle is a highly intelligent breed known for developing a strong attachment and loyalty to its owner. These qualities can lead a small poodle to achieve remarkable feats. Would you like to delve into the mysterious and astonishing story of Baron, Victor Hugo’s poodle? Allow us to narrate it to you.

The Tale of Baron, Victor Hugo’s Poodle

Renowned writer Victor Hugo was a passionate animal lover, particularly fond of dogs. He received a poodle as a gift, and he named the pup Baron. The little poodle formed a strong bond with him. However, Victor Hugo led a hectic life and couldn’t properly care for the dog. Therefore, he decided to gift Baron to the Marquis of Faletans, an attaché at the French embassy in Moscow, who took Baron with him to the Russian capital.

After a while, Victor Hugo received a letter from the Marquis, explaining that Baron had escaped and they couldn’t find him. Several weeks later, one night, the writer’s servant heard what sounded like howling at the door. Intrigued, she went to investigate and discovered a dog covered in mud and filth, appearing extremely thin with blood on its paws. They quickly realized it was Baron.

Victor Hugo, taken aback, wrote to the Marquis to share the news and decided to keep the poodle.

Experts consider it highly improbable that it was indeed Baron, given the 2,000-kilometer distance between Paris and Moscow and the fact that the dog would have taken at least a month and a half to travel that far.


What truly happened? We may never know, but it’s an undeniably astonishing story.

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