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When we finally decide to share our life with a furry friend, we’re faced with the dilemma of whether to adopt or buy a puppy. When it comes to adoption, a problem we might encounter is that, often, the specific breed we’re looking for is not available for adoption. We also question whether it’s better to adopt or acquire a newborn puppy. It all depends on your preferences. Some owners desire a particular breed, while others simply seek a pet that fits their lifestyle. The matter of having a pedigree or being a purebred breed can be significant for those who enjoy participating in pet shows, as it ensures conformity to the breed standard in appearance and characteristics. Otherwise, it’s not of great relevance. There are equally adorable mixed breeds that can become your ideal companion. Whatever option you choose, this article explains how to do it safely and responsibly.

Buying a Dog

When buying a dog, turn to reliable and trustworthy breeders who engage in responsible breeding. This means they conduct crosses with care, always aiming for healthy results in their new litters by mating animals without hereditary issues.


To get a sense of whether a breeder is reliable, consider the following indicators:

  • They inquire about how you’ll care for the animal and address all your questions and concerns.
  • They allow you to meet the puppy and its parents.
  • They provide you with a pedigree certificate, vaccination record, microchip, and all necessary care.
  • They belong to or are affiliated with breed associations or clubs.

Meeting these requirements is typically a good sign that you’re dealing with responsible breeders.

Adopting a Dog


If you wish to adopt, get in touch with shelters, pounds, or animal rescue organizations to guide and advise you on the adoption process. If they don’t have a suitable dog at the moment, they’ll take your details and add you to a waiting list, reaching out when they have a match for you.

Adoption is a fantastic way to combat animal abandonment, and it’s highly rewarding to give these animals a new home, fulfilling their needs.

When adopting an adult dog, it’s important to inquire about various aspects of the dog, such as its training, history of mistreatment, etc., and observe the dog’s reactions and behavior to get to know it better. If you want to learn more about this, read our article on questions and observations to make when adopting a dog.

Before adopting or buying a dog or puppy, ensure that the dog you choose is a breed that suits your lifestyle and that you’ll be able to meet its needs. If you want to explore all small dog breeds, you’ll find comprehensive profiles of each on our website. You can check their exercise needs, grooming requirements, health considerations, and other aspects to find your ideal dog. Use our questionnaire to discover the breeds that are most compatible with you.