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One of the most annoying behaviors when you have puppies at home is finding a little puddle of pee or a pile of poop in the most unexpected place. To avoid this, there are steps to follow to teach a dog to go potty, that is, to teach the puppy to do its business on a pad or in a specific place. Learn here the tricks so that your dog won’t pee in the house.

It is important to decide where you want your dog to do it and always keep it that way to create a routine. You can teach a dog to pee in a place, on newspaper, outside, in the bathroom, etc.

Techniques to teach a dog to go potty step by step

STEP 1. When the dog does its business

First, to train a dog to go potty, it is important to know the hours when your dog usually pees. They usually urinate at these times:

  • When they wake up.
  • After eating.
  • After intense activities or play.
  • Before going to bed.
  • After a lot of excitement.

The first step is to anticipate and take the dog to the area where you want it to do its business, whether it’s outside, in the bathroom, on newspaper, a pad, a sandbox, etc.

Once there, give the verbal command, call it by name, and tell it to pee.

Keep in mind that once this routine is established, you won’t have to take it to do its business; it will go to the place you’ve taught it. But this dedication and consistency is necessary at the beginning.

STEP 2. Create a routine

Try to always follow the same routines, so it will feel secure and understand better. By maintaining schedules for meals, outings, play, and rest, it will learn when it’s time to go potty and will do it in the place you’ve taught it through your routines.


STEP 3. Reward the desirable behavior

t is very important to reward and praise when it does well to reinforce the behavior. When you praise it or give it a treat, it feels very happy and will remember that moment better.

It is recommended to avoid punishment because it only instills fear and anxiety.

STEP 4. Eliminate odors

A valuable tip: If the dog does its business in the wrong place, it is important to eliminate the smells that may remain in the area. Why? Because those odors will stimulate it to pee there again.

There are repellent products that can be sprayed in those areas where you don’t want them to urinate; they are usually sprays and are not harmful to them, but they usually don’t like the smell.


How long does it take for a dog to learn to go potty?

If you follow these steps and tricks, in a period of time that can be 1 or 2 weeks, your puppy will do its business in the right place.

Remember that punishment is useless and will only make the animal fear and be afraid, even of the moment of doing its business.

Teaching an Adult Dog to Go Potty

When we want to train an adult dog to do its business in the right place, we will do the same as when we train a puppy to go potty, that is, we will follow the same steps. We may need to have more patience for it to learn the new routine, and its learning may take a little longer, but by following the steps mentioned above, the adult dog will also learn where it should do its business.

It is of vital importance to teach our pets to be well-behaved and to respect our rules. From training basic obedience to teaching them to do their business outside or on a pad, depending on where we live. It is important for cohabitation and cleanliness in our home, as well as providing security for both the puppy and the adult dog through a set of rules and routines. The most effective and recommended method in any training, teaching, or education is positive reinforcement.