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The adorable Yorkshire Terrier is known for its small size, lush fur, and those distinctive pointy ears that stand tall. Many owners wonder about how to make their Yorkshire Terrier’s ears stand up or when they should expect them to. Below, we answer your questions and explain three simple tricks to lift your Yorkshire’s ears:

Here we answer your questions and explain the 3 simple tricks to raise your yorkshire’s ears:

  • Keep ear hair short.
  • Use cohesive bandages or ear muffs.
  • Keep cartilage strong.

How can I help my dog to prick up his ears?

As mentioned in the previous section, you should not worry until he is about 6 months old. Until then, try not to squeeze his ears when you stroke him or you could weaken the muscles and cartilage in his ears and they will not stand up properly. This is the only precaution you should take up to half a year of age. From then on, if your yorkshire has droopy ears, you can follow the techniques described below.

3 techniques to raise the ears of your yorkshire:

1. Keeping the Ear Hair Short

Maintaining your puppy’s ear hair short or trimmed helps prevent the weight of long hair from causing the ears to droop. You can use clippers or small scissors for this task, but be sure to exercise caution and have someone assist you in holding your puppy still. Alternatively, consider taking your pup to a professional dog groomer for this task.

2. Using Cohesive Bands, Self-Adhesive Ear Wraps, or Ear Uprights

There are specialized bands or tapes designed to help upright your dog’s ears. These are bands that stick to themselves without pulling on the fur or irritating the skin. Place these bands at the base of the ears, adjusting them to achieve the desired upright position. Always ensure that your pet is comfortable, and that the bands don’t cause any discomfort.

Another option is to use ear uprights designed to be gentle on the skin. These ear appliances are comfortable for your pet and can help maintain the ear’s position. Remember not to use ear bands or wraps continuously; use them every other day to allow the skin to breathe.

Here are the best options to lift and correct drooping ears. Cohesive bands are comfortable and easy to use for lifting drooping ears, while ear uprights have a more ergonomic design. For adjusting the ear’s position, ear correctors are also a great alternative. Make sure to choose the right size for your dog and follow our advice to help your Yorkshire look its best with upright ears.

3. Strengthening the Cartilage

Remember that drooping ears do not indicate any health issues, as it’s primarily an aesthetic trait. The breed standard specifies that Yorkshire Terriers should have upright ears, but if you don’t plan to show your Yorkie in competitions, the aesthetic aspect is the primary concern. In cases of severely drooping ears, it’s essential to monitor ear health for potential ear infections.

You can help strengthen your puppy’s ear cartilage with dietary supplements. Consult your veterinarian for the best advice on what type of supplements to administer. You can consider chondroprotective supplements or cartilage-boosting foods like plain gelatin to strengthen your dog’s cartilage and help lift its ears.

When Will a Yorkshire Terrier’s Ears Stand Up?

One of the most common questions among Yorkshire Terrier owners is when their dog’s ears will stand up. Yorkies are born with floppy ears, and it’s usually around the age of 6 to 8 months when their ears start to stand upright. Therefore, we recommend that owners be patient and avoid unnecessary concern until this time has passed.

From 6-8 months we can begin to pay attention to whether our yorkshire raises his ears and if not, follow our advice to help raise their ears. Another factor to take into account is if your yorkshire is original or half-breed, if it is not a pure yorkshire it might not raise its ears, depending on the other breed from which it descends, to make sure look at our article to find out if your yorkie is original.

Here is a practical video on how to help your Yorkie raise his ears:

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