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In the best-case scenario, giving your dog a pill is as simple as wrapping it in a treat or some food they love. This way, they’ll swallow it without even noticing its presence. But when this is impossible, and your pet crumbles the food and separates the pill or even spits it out, that’s when you don’t know what to do. Don’t worry; we’ll walk you through the step-by-step techniques for giving your dog a pill.

Steps to give a pill to your dog:

Once you have ruled out wrapping the tablet in a piece of ham or similar, we propose a maneuver that facilitates swallowing. It must be done with patience and care.

  • Seat Your Dog: Place your dog in a seated position beside you and make sure they are secure.
  • Open the Mouth: With both hands, open your dog’s mouth by using a lever-like motion.
  • Insert the Pill: Place the pill as far back in the mouth as possible.
  • Close the Mouth: Close your dog’s mouth with your hands and tilt their head upwards to help them swallow.
  • Massage the Throat: Gently massage the throat to encourage swallowing.
  • Check for Swallowing: After a short while, check if they’ve swallowed the pill or if it’s still in their mouth. They might spit it out. In that case, repeat the process and wait until they swallow it.

If this method is not effective, you can try crushing or breaking the pill and mixing it with wet food.

If your pet doesn’t accept the pill using any of the described techniques, consult your veterinarian to see if it’s possible to change the medication format. For example, changing the pill to a syrup may make it easier to administer with a syringe, as liquid is often easier for them to swallow than a solid pill.

With these techniques, you’ll ensure the most important thing: that your dog takes the necessary medication, whether it’s occasional or regular. We hope this has been helpful.

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